We serve wines by bottles and glasses

Wine by a glass

Akira Mizuguchi the owner and sommelier of La Brace selects the wines from Italy, France and Japan. We stock over 300 kind of bottles from 1940 vintage year.

We serve wines at suitable temperature.
  • Sparkling wine(Spumante) : from ¥6,800
  • Champagne : from ¥8,800
  • White wine:; from ¥4,500
  • Red wine : from ¥4,500
  • ¥800 - ¥2,000 approx.

Akira Mizuguchi, the owner and sommelier

Akira Mizuguchi provides wines.

Studied about wine and cuisine in Italy from 1997. Won the prize of Italian wine sommelier contest in Japan 2002. The JAS authorized sommelier.